The Entre-deux-Mers

In the heart of the Bordeaux region, L'Entre-deux-Mers could just as easily have been called entre-deux-marées. The region is located between the Garonne, to the south, and the Dordogne, to the north, two rivers under oceanic influence.
The two rivers have left, over the ages, layers of sand, gravel and clay which intersect with the older limestone rocks and offer an inimitable diversity of terroirs. The vineyards are located on high ground cut by numerous rivers that have formed hillsides. With all sorts of exposures, predominantly clay soils, very suitable for growing vines and cradled by the mild oceanic climate, the vines find the ideal environment in Entre-deux-Mers.

Located east of Bordeaux in the commune of Saint Genès de Lombaud, Château Nardique La Gravière now has 39 hectares of vines under 100% AOC cultivation. 


of soils

The plateaux : The planted vines have a clayey-gravelly soil ideal for making fine and fruity red wines. A poor soil which allows the roots of the vine to draw the best mineral elements from the subsoils guaranteeing high quality wines. The vines located on the plateaus are planted at a density of 4,500 vines per hectare. 

The hillsides :  : Composed of a clay and sandy soil typical of the Entre-deux-Mers region called boulbène. The hillsides offer fresh soils that will give very aromatic white wines. Ideally oriented, these hillsides guarantee an optimal exposure of the grape bunches allowing a perfect maturity before harvest as well as a very effective natural drainage. On the hillsides the vines are planted at a density of 3500 vines per hectare.


at the winery


at the winery

The vineyard is carefully tended, and everything is done with total quality in mind, from the work in the vineyard to the bottling of the entire harvest at the château.

Pruning takes place from  December 1st to March 1st,  that is to say more  than 136,000 vines pruned manually over 4  months. The arrival of spring gives rise to the folding of the vine, then the maintenance of the vineyard with mowing and the working of the cavaillon as an alternative to chemical weeding. More than half of the vineyard no longer receives weedkillers and year after year we extend this work to other plots.

 Then comes the lifting, the thinning out of the leaves and the harvesting of the grapes, which is carried out mechanically thanks to a state-of-the-art harvesting machine that allows the plant parts (leaves, petioles, etc.) to be sorted on the spot. 

The harvest arrives in the cellar in perfect condition, thus respecting the work carried out throughout the year to achieve the grail of our profession: the harvesting and vinification of the fruit of our passion and to offer you the wines that we like to elaborate according to our know-how and of course that will seduce your palate and embellish your convivial moments! 


the environment

Since 2020, we are certified HVE3 (High Environmental Value) La Environmental certification for farms is a voluntary process that aims to identify and promote environmentally friendly practices implemented by farmers. It focuses on four key areas: preservation of biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation management and water resource management. The third level or "high environmental value" is based on results indicators. The certification of the farm, which allows the products to be labelled "from a farm of high environmental value", guarantees a high level of environmental performance of the company. 

In Nardique la Gravière we :

  • Let's encourage biodiversity to provide a complementary network for crops. 
  • Let's preserve the life of the soil to maintain the living and the fertility of the plots.
  • Let's encourage the development of wildlife,including precious pollinators.
  • Let's reduce the doses of phytosanitary products,in order to fight intelligently against vine diseases without excess by adapting to the climatic conditions and to the pressures of diseases with the help of a wine technician. 
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